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The Blog of Travis Parsons

About Vinland Photography

Hey! This is the *OLD* blog of Travis Parsons/Vinland Photography. This website will remain online as an archive of our old posts. Our new blog can be found at TravisParsons.com/Blog

Wedding: Cheryl & Scott – August 10 2012 (Newfoundland Wedding Photographer)

November 9th, 2012

Well, we are quite behind on blog posts!  It has been a very busy year!  WIth that said however, we intend on bring it all up to date…and today is the beginning of that process!

Cheryl & Scott had a beautiful day for their wedding.  The day was mostly a nice bright overcast (the best!), and the entire group were so laid back and easy going.  We had a ball.  Throw in an awesome old firetruck and you have a great day!



























Focused On: An Autumn Night

October 9th, 2012

Things have been quite busy about ‘Vinland Photography’!  As such, I have about a dozen or more wedding/portrait blogs to post in the next week or two!

Despite the other blogs in line to be posted, I thought I’d take an hour or so this past evening and spend a little time photographing a crazy nice sky over Fortune Bay.  This random impulse also turned into a bunch of other timed exposure shots that I ended up liking as well.

I received a phone call from my aunt telling me that the sky was nice looking.  I then tore off in the car to ‘high bank’ between Grand Bank and Fortune.  Upon arriving in the last few moments before dark, I realize my #1 camera was left home on the desk in my office!  Luckily however, my old dependable Canon 5D was in a bag in the trunk.

Below are my favourites from the impromptu landscape shoot!








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