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Christmas Spirit in Grand Bank

Sunday, December 4th, 2011


Well, I haven’t worked for the Southern Gazette since the Spring of 2008. Long story short…I’m not interested in having to attend dozens of suppers/meetings and other community events each weekend, and only walking away with $10 for my photo. I walk around with thousands of dollars worth of equipment in my camera bag, and I value my work more than that.

With that being said though, I do love community events, I love documenting them, and I love to share that with people. So basically, I am now planning on documenting as many community events and ‘news’ worthy items as possible on a freelance (Note the ‘free’) basis, and publish it on this blog. I know $0 per picture is worth less than $10 a picture…but I have total control on what I attend, shoot, and write this way. Think of it as a place to see pictures from around the community, as well as read some editorials regarding the community. All of this will be intermingled with other blog posts that are business related, but you can filter all blog posts so there will be no trouble in finding what you want.

Christmas Spirit in Grand Bank

So, once again this year Frazer Park in downtown Grand Bank is looking colourful. However this year we have more than a few lights and a tree. Thanks to the great work by the Frazer Park committee, along with help from the Town of Grand Bank, the community tree light up will take place at Frazer Park this year! The group held a fundraiser, and the lights that are there now are awesome (see that? I just editorialized, and there is no editor going to tell me I can’t on this website…think of this as a column rather than a ‘news story’ ). They have moving parts, flashing lights, and music! It appears as if the music drives the way the lights flash on and off.

After the park was decorated this morning (Saturday, Dec 3), the towns of Grand Bank and Fortune held their annual Christmas Parade. Below you will find a selection of images from that parade, as well as a video of the lights at Frazer Park that was taken this evening.





CoraLee & Dean – October 1 2010

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

CoraLee & Dean were married in beautiful Parker’s Cove! Once again this year we were lucky and escaped the rain. We had a nice overcast sky (good even light!), and a great group to work with.


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