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Challenge Cup Soccer 2012 – St. Lawrence Laurentians vs. Mt Pearl

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

We had a sunday off so we decided to take a drive around the “loop” (lower portion of Burin Peninsula) and take in a little soccer action in St. Lawrence.  We were delayed and didn’t get there until the second half, so these photos are from the second half only.  Mt. Pearl won 2-1.  Also, I found out following the game that this was Kevin Pittman’s 2000 time refereeing.  Big congrats to him!







































2012 Rec Hockey Tournament

Friday, February 17th, 2012

I was fortunate enough to have some free time to be able to take in the first game, and half of the second game, of the rec hockey tournament being held in Fortune this weekend.  The first game was between the Grand Bank Shags and Grand Bank 2.  The second game between Lamaline and Point May.

Having events like this is a great way to boost community spirit, raise some money, and have an overall good time.  The only gripe I have with it this year is the conflict with the Grand Bank Winter Carnival.  Fortune and Grand Bank opted to have their own independent carnivals this year, and as such, some things are overlapping this year that didn’t last year.  For example, the first game tonight (between two Grand Bank teams) was played during the opening ceremony and pageant of the Grand Bank Winter Carnival.  I know for a fact a number of people weren’t able to take in the hockey game because of this.  In addition, the championship game will be taking place during the annual CYN brunch, and as such…I’ll have to miss the game as I’m working.  I hope in future years (even if the two communities decide to do things on their own) that they have a good dialog and plan things to not conflict as much.  Both Grand Bankers and Fortuners participate in events in each community, and splitting the numbers at each event should be avoided if at all possible.

Despite what I perceive as some minor scheduling conflicts, I think the attendance will be good for this tourny.  Sadly I’ll only be able to take in a couple games on day 2, so I took extra care to get some photos on day 1 to make up for it.

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