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Archive: ‘Grand Bank’

Focused On: An Autumn Night

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Things have been quite busy about ‘Vinland Photography’!  As such, I have about a dozen or more wedding/portrait blogs to post in the next week or two!

Despite the other blogs in line to be posted, I thought I’d take an hour or so this past evening and spend a little time photographing a crazy nice sky over Fortune Bay.  This random impulse also turned into a bunch of other timed exposure shots that I ended up liking as well.

I received a phone call from my aunt telling me that the sky was nice looking.  I then tore off in the car to ‘high bank’ between Grand Bank and Fortune.  Upon arriving in the last few moments before dark, I realize my #1 camera was left home on the desk in my office!  Luckily however, my old dependable Canon 5D was in a bag in the trunk.

Below are my favourites from the impromptu landscape shoot!







Focused On: Grand Bank H2O

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

I headed out around Grand Bank around 8:00 on July 10th to try and capture a couple of photos during “golden hour”.  My first stop was the a scene I’ve been eyeing for a couple weeks at Grand Bank brook.  I pulled the truck off the highway and climbed down on the old (and interestingly shabby looking) dam, and took some time making some photographs of the brook with Bennett’s Hill in the background.  Following the setting of any useful sun, I headed to Admiral’s Cove (literally one of my favourite places in the world) to do some long exposures of the ocean and beach there.  Below are the results of some of the water features around Grand Bank!











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