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Archive: July, 2012

Wedding: Cindy & Matthew – July 20 2012 (Newfoundland Wedding Photographer)

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

So, if you were going to make a recipe for an awesome wedding, what would you add to it?

- Great meeting with the couple a few days before the big day


- Wonderful set of family and friends?


- Beautiful backdrop like that found in Rushoon?


- You start the day with a bunch of groomsmen joking about a photo of them walking up the road could be a scene from an action movie after they blow up a car??



And as you’ll see….sometimes I might just understand that sort of vision :)

We had a great time with Cindy, Matthew, and the entire group in Rushoon on Friday!  Check out some teaser images below:



























“Get To Know You” Session – Cindy & Matthew

Monday, July 16th, 2012

We are shooting Cindy and Matthew’s wedding in Rushoon on Friday, and after meeting them for coffee on Monday evening, we went out and spent a few minutes shooting a mini ‘get to know you’ session.  It is kind of late in the game to call it an engagement session, as their wedding is like 4 days away, but it was a way to get even more comfortable and know each other a little better!











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