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Archive: May, 2012

Feeding the Ducks

Monday, May 28th, 2012

So it appears the handful of ducks that set up shop in Grand Bank brook over the past couple of years are starting to really feel at home.  Not only are there about a dozen of them swimming around avoiding seagulls all day, but this afternoon I noticed a bunch of little ducklings  swimming behind mommy duck!  I decided that when my wife got off work, we would pick up our son from the sitter and bring him to feed the ducks (gucks as he calls it), and take a few photos.  Turns out when we got there at around 5:30PM, the ducklings were nowhere in sight, but we still had an enjoyable time.

I think having some wildlife around town is a great thing, especially with small children.  With this however comes a responsibility to those in the community to protect these animals.  Everyone knows that touching or intentionally hurting the ducks is a no-no, but most people don’t know that feeding ducks bread is actually a bad idea too!  I had no idea that bread was bad for ducks either until I spent a few years living next to Bowing Park in St. John’s.  The corner store near our house had information posted explaining how bread will make the animals feel full, and therefore the ducks won’t eat properly.  This of course leads to all kinds of problems.  The information sheet said that people should instead feed the ducks non salted/non buttery popcorn!  So the next time you want to go and feed the ducks, take along some Orville Redenbacher!  Or well..Our Compliments even.  I don’t think the ducks will mind what brand it is :)





And to conclude…this little pictorial wouldn’t be complete without the type of bird with the most seniority in Grand Bank Brook.  The seagull.


Engagement: Gwen & Mark (Newfoundland Engagement Photographer)

Monday, May 14th, 2012

We are based in Grand Bank, NL but our weddings are usually all over the Burin Peninsula, as well as other parts of Newfoundland (and occassionaly destination weddings).  Whenever we get asked to shoot a wedding in our own town of Grand Bank, we are always very happy about it!  Add the fact that the bride to be is someone that I went to school from K-12 with, and well, we were beyond happy.  We made a trip to St. John’s this past weekend (where the lovely couple now live), and took some time to walk around and get some great shots!  Check them out below:













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